While diving in Niue I had the most incredible animal experience.

Several pods of humpback whales were in the area. They were singing and talking to each other the entire time we were diving. We couldn't help but eavesdrop on the conversation as it only got louder and LOUDER.

By the time my fellow divers and I were preparing for our safety stop, the whales' singing became so loud I was sure they would emerge out of the deep ocean blue ahead and swim right by us.

My camera easily captured the beautiful cacophony as we waited to ascend to the surface.

TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS and have a listen:

Earlier this week, I posted all about my attempt to swim with these amazing creatures and with their dolphin cousins. Check it out: Attempting to swim with whales and dolphins in Niue

Next week I will be posting all about the rest of my experience diving in Niue. This included my first ever underwater cave dive which also happened to be a cave famous for its sea snake breeding! *gasp!* Stay tuned :)