Hello readers!

I've decided to write a quick little update for you because my blogging schedule is about to change.

From now on, I am going to be writing 2 posts per month, instead of 4 (or more). I'll be posting on an every-other-week schedule. Call it a New Years resolution to my body!

The reason has to do with something I have been noticing about myself ever since I started working full-time again. My work days, about 9-5 every Monday through Friday, are mostly spent at a desk in front of a computer. I write emails, grants, documents, and web content. I design websites, flyers, and social media campaigns. I meet with students, analyze their grades, and examine their experiences. I prepare lectures, meeting agendas, and discussions.

Overall, I enjoy all of this work, and yet, I do it mostly while sitting.

Where the magic happens at work

Then, I sit in my car seat while driving home, I make a quick bite to eat, and I rush to sit down at my home computer to start outlining a blog post.

Sitting in my car for 40 minutes each day does not feel so nice

Typically, my posts take not just 1 evening, but 2 evenings to produce. Sometimes a 3rd evening is necessary if it's a really long post with lots of photos that need editing. I usually sit at my computer writing and editing until it's time for bed. That means I sit for around 15 hours a day!

While traveling, blogging was a completely acceptable way to spend my down time. All the other times of the day, I was out and about, hiking, swimming, cycling, kayaking, walking, and exploring at length. Sitting down to write a blog post was a welcomed experience in the midst of so much activity.

In New Zealand, about to have one of the most intense days of hiking in my life

But now that most of my days are spent sitting down at work, it's becoming more and more difficult on meespecially on my bodyto continue at this pace.

It's actually quite exhausting sitting so much all day, every day.

Full disclosure here (and few people know this about me): I have a condition called hip impingement, or femoroacetabular impingement (if you want to google it!). As a result, I have permanent, sometimes painful labral tears from the days when I used to jog for exercise. In addition to becoming painful from certain activities, like running or any exaggerated leg raising movements, the entire area in my hips can become easily aggravated from long periods of stagnation.

Another health-related deterrent to sitting is my family history of blood clots in the legs from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Sitting with the knees bent is the #1 cause of blood clots for people with DVT. I have been lucky enough to not experience any clotting so far but close family members have had related complications just in this past year. So I need to be careful.

Resting up for some night snorkeling in the Florida Keys

In short, I am making it a New Year's resolution to remove myself from sitting at the computer so much.

This is definitely not "the beginning of the end" of blogging for me. I still love it and plan to continue writing here for a long time to come. I look forward to sharing with you all some of the remaining stories and summaries of my time in the Florida Keys from this past summer. After the holidays, I will have some pieces of my travels in 2014-2015 to resurrect and share. Then, I will be meeting Jono in Hawaii for a week, so I'll have lots to write about from that trip!

Exploring the reef flats in Niue

But, at the end of the day, I have to put my health and well being as top priority and hope that my readers will continue to follow and support me, regardless.

I am wishing you all a very happy holiday season this year and a very healthful 2017!

And now it's time to deviate off my butt and go for a walk around my neighborhood...