This is going to be a quick post. I've run out of time to write something more extensive this week because I just returned from my trip to New Orleans and the Florida Keys!

I had an awesome time exploring these two parts of the USA with Jono who has been visiting me from New Zealand this summer. We spent 5 nights in New Orleans and 7 nights in Southern Florida. These places were vastly different from each other and incredible in their own separate ways.

Instead of going into a deep post this week, I've decided to share with you a few of my favorite photos from these two places. I think these photos best capture both locations in their individual glory.

Next week I will start to talk more in-depth about New Orleans! So Stay tuned!

New Orleans - A Snapshot

This city is all about the FOOD. And the crawfish boil is a local, seasonal favorite that we were lucky to catch the very end of during our stay.

In addition to the food, this city is all about its music. Traditional brass bands play regularly around the French Quarter and along Frenchman Street. We were lucky enough to catch the Grammy nominated Hot 8 brass band playing at the Howlin' Wolf.

The residences around New Orleans are brightly colored. We found locals to be proud and good-humored about their history of voodoo, witchcraft, disease and death, murder mysteries, and more.

The Florida Keys - A Snapshot


The Keys are exactly the little slice of "getaway" paradise we were after for our trip. After the busy city of New Orleans, this was our time to relax. And relax we did!

See that big cumulonimbus cloud in the background of the above photo? Despite the constant threat of thunderstorms on some part of the Keys during our stay, the weather never hindered (and sometimes added to) our enjoyment of this gorgeous place.

We went to the Keys specifically to scuba dive the numerous shipwrecks there.

We dove the Duane, Benwood, and the Spiegel Grove. All were great but our favorite was Spiegel Grove. I can't wait to tell you all about each of the dives we went on!

The Keys are full of Key Lime everything! Eating authentic Key Lime Pie (made with limes from the Florida Keys) was a must during our time there. I ate 3 slices in one week! Yum!

To be continued...