Before I traveled to Oahu, I did something I hadn't done since my trip to Iceland in 2014.

I made a map.

And I am super excited to share this map with you all!

Why A Map?

Because it's a thorough, visual guide to things to do on the island of Oahu.

A few weeks before my departure, I perused the internet for the most epic hikes, the prettiest beaches, the top dive and snorkel locations, the most interesting cultural attractions, and the best local foods to eat. This map includes all of the places I found that I thought were worthy to check out. Even if I ran out of time to do it all, it's all there.

There are nearly 100 activities listed. I certainly did not have time to do it all, but I did do A LOT. So allow this map to be an introduction of what I will be covering in my upcoming posts about my trip to Oahu.

See map instructions below and enjoy!

Map of Oahu

Map Instructions

Simply click on a marker to see what's there and learn more:

Hikes = Green markers (The darker green color marks the end or summit of a marked hike)
Beaches = Yellow markers
Snorkel and Dive Spots = Blue or Greenish-Blue markers
Cultural & Tourist Attractions = Purple markers
Restaurants & Food Carts = Pink or Red markers (The darker or red markers indicate the must-eats!)

View a list of all markers by hovering over the top left corner of the map and clicking on the box with the little arrow. This will open a left panel listing each layer of markers. Uncheck layers to limit what is shown on the map at one time.

To more easily navigate this map, I suggest hovering over the top right corner and clicking on the little bracketed box. This will open the map in google maps for a widescreen view.