I got a bit busy this week with some impromptu travel plans (more on this soon!). So I've decided to make this a short one by showing you my FAVORITE photo from each country I traveled to during my 15-month trip around the world.

Each photo has particular significance to me because of the context in which it was taken. I describe this context below each image.

Enjoy! :)


This is one of the first photos I took of myself on my trip. I was completely enthralled by this glacial lagoon in Iceland, I had to pose with it. I think it captures the absolute wonder I felt in the moment; the same feeling I would continue to have countless times throughout my travels.


This is my grandfather's childhood home in Rohr, Germany. This was the first time I ever visited the place. I love how you can see how beautifully my relatives keep the old family farm. I can almost smell the flowers just looking at this!


Thailand was a time of reflection and awakening for me. Participating in the Loy Krathong festival of light was a big part of that. I took this photo just before releasing my lantern of "good luck" into the night sky.

North Island, New Zealand


This was taken at the Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro Northern Circuit, North Island, New Zealand. I was the most physically exhausted I've ever been in my life when this photo was taken but you wouldn't know it given how excited I was to see that view!



The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia was beyond awesome. This was a swim through I did that made me feel like a mermaid.


There is truly nothing quite like the tidal pools on the reef flats along the coast of tiny Niue island in the South Pacific. Niue turned out to be my FAVORITE destination of all the places I visited--and this photo represents why.


I became completely enamored with Singapore if for no other reason than its architecture. I cannot wait to return for a longer stay so I might see these Supertrees light up at night along with the rest of Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay.


Making an authentic connection with a monkey in Ubud was the peak of my trip to Bali. I felt honored to be a part of this little monkey's social bonding routine--now I'm one of the pack! And I was so lucky to capture the moment with this sneaky selfie.


I had the opportunity to snap this photo of the "world's busiest intersection" in Tokyo between the fencing along the walkway over the street at Shibuya station. It's a rare angle for a shot of the crossing and perhaps even rarer that there weren't many people out due to the rain that day!

California, USA


My bestie and I closing out the end of my trip with a hike up Mission Peak in the Bay Area. Very symbolic and "full circle" for me before arriving back to New York to complete my round-the-world exploration.