In this post, I show you the best random extras from an afternoon I spent in Zion National Park. This week is very busy for me with Thanksgiving and other family events happening. So now is the perfect time to share some photos and video without many words!

I include my refreshing dip in the icy cool Virgin River after hiking Angel's Landing. This was much appreciated as the temperatures were rising above 90-degrees that day.

I also captured my stroll along the famous Checkerboard Mesa formation. Have a gander at all the beauty and enjoy!

Virgin River Views

The bridge over the Virgin River at the Grotto stop.

River access can be found at Stop 3 at the start of the scenic drive 

The gorgeous scene across the park over the Virgin River

Standing on a rock with 1 inch of water trickling over my feet!

View from the bridge at the Grotto stop

Cooling off in 1-inch of icy Virgin River water!

Virgin River Dip (Video)

Checkerboard Mesa

Traipsing along the natural ripple in the Checkerboard Mesa rock. It ends at one point around the other side of it.

Another view of the natural ripple in the rock that carves a sort of path along the mesa

I would love to scale that rock to sit right up there in that indentation!

The Checkerboard Mesa is 1000 feet high

The vertical lines are cracks and the horizontal lines are from wind--together they create the unusual grid-like or checkerboard pattern.

Bonus Zion National Park Sights